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Marica Considine
Will definitely use them again
Will definitely use them again
Jama Leffler
However, the scouting process...
However, the scouting process to the quality of the eventual finished product is very smooth
Sharmaine Boyer
They are efficient and don't ...
They are efficient and don't waste any time
Kasha Kuhlman
Devpad Apache Struts 2 immedi...
Devpad Apache Struts 2 immediately remediated the situation and helped me find a replacement
Ellie Haag
Devpad Apache Struts 2's comm...
Devpad Apache Struts 2's communication and service throughout our engagement has been excellent! We couldn't ask for better
Domenic Sipes
Ultimately, I decided that th...
Ultimately, I decided that the graphic design work (despite the large sum that we had invested) had to be written off as a total loss
Romeo Bailey
Not only did the dev have rel...
Not only did the dev have relevant product and industry experience but also they were a good personality match for me
Stacia Schuster
Making payments and account m...
Making payments and account management were a bit of a struggle at first
Marvella Brekke
Great developers, great attit...
Great developers, great attitude and communication
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