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Reba Dare
Together, we accomplished inc...
Together, we accomplished incredible results: we met our aggressive deadlines and are very proud of how our product looks now
Pura Welch
Although my experience to dat...
Although my experience to date has been a relatively small project, I would heartily recommend them to anyone looking for development resources
Ruth Feeney
Missed 5 deadlines in total
Missed 5 deadlines in total
Rodney Corkery
I hand over the difficult pro...
I hand over the difficult problems to my hires and we build awesome software
Cherilyn Prohaska
Farhad and Devpad ASP.NET hit...
Farhad and Devpad ASP.NET hit it out of the park
Gabriella Conroy
The desinger (Leonard Latescu...
The desinger (Leonard Latescu) was straight forward and led the designing process very good
Gita O'Keefe
Good quality talent when you ...
Good quality talent when you need to have a small project done fast
Paris Champlin
For a small startup company, ...
For a small startup company, having reliable, professional freelancers is a godsend! I'd definitely recommend Devpad ASP.NET to anyone looking a nice recruiting app
Wilton Wilkinson
Not only was the process for ...
Not only was the process for identifying and vetting the candidate very quick, but ongoing management of the Devpad ASP.NET contractor was very easy
Shanelle Morar
We quickly applied and within...
We quickly applied and within a few days Devpad ASP.NET was able to find us the developers that not only exceeded our expectations but became a valued part of our team
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