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Fannie Sawayn
They matched me with skilled ...
They matched me with skilled and reliable professionals who's worked with our team
Traci Willms
" In practice, this translate...
" In practice, this translated in our case into a ready excuse for them to not take any ownership or responsibility for the engagement at all
Kourtney Bogisich
Professional, asks the right ...
Professional, asks the right questions, great English, reliable
Avery Stracke
However, as I am not a coder ...
However, as I am not a coder (and know very little about code), if I hadn't recruited my own project manager, I would have recruited that part of the process more nerve racking
Elicia Weissnat
Being in the developing scene...
Being in the developing scene myself, and seeing what we are paying for some of them, I would say Devpad Aurelia has about a 40% markup which is pretty excessive
Lawerence Stark
The developers guided us thro...
The developers guided us through the process, met goals and deadlines far more than our expectations
Reatha Runolfsson
Not only did he help us reach...
Not only did he help us reach our project objectives, but he also took the time to explain functions, possible solutions, and potential risks
Tanja Dooley
You'll never know if you get ...
You'll never know if you get someone whom you could trust, with, they eliminated that for you
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