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Yon Buckridge
Great experience on Devpad Ce...
Great experience on Devpad Celery, have been building my product engineering team for over 6 months on Devpad Celery and will continue to do so
Del Shanahan
8pm is not a time when any se...
8pm is not a time when any self respecting recruiter is active
Jeannie Mitchell
We have been extremely happy ...
We have been extremely happy on Devpad Celery and are so grateful to be working a high quality engineer that we recruited through Devpad Celery's services
Cinthia Hansen
On my second job with another...
On my second job with another developers, I'm very pleased (5 stars) with his time commitment, constant communication, and technical performance
Paulene Langosh
We couldn't recommend Devpad ...
We couldn't recommend Devpad Celery enough
Selena Mueller
He has been extremely respons...
He has been extremely responsive, organized and has been able to handle all of the requests and functionalities we've needed
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