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Nikia Boehm
I am currently working with 2...
I am currently working with 2 developers
Iona Wolff
Working on Devpad Dedicated h...
Working on Devpad Dedicated has literally been a transformational experience for our design agency
Sherrie Greenfelder
They strive to find the profi...
They strive to find the profile that has the technology skill set and the background required
Lenard Klein
With no experience for websit...
With no experience for website and a small business to start i had good guidance trough the project and the good feeling of being able to do what i need by myself at the end of the work
Katelin Emard
Looking forward to utilizing ...
Looking forward to utilizing Devpad Dedicated's services more in the future!
Loise Bernhard
I recruited when I ...
I recruited when I looked for a freelance shopify developers and they got all my stuff fixed and ready to go in no time
Pamela Ritchie
We had a very specific techno...
We had a very specific technology need, Devpad Dedicated recruited us a superb developers, and we've made big jumps in quality and speed as a result
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