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Christoper Romaguera
Recruited a great dev through...
Recruited a great dev through Devpad Embedded Software Engineers
Zonia Mayert
I closed a contract with one ...
I closed a contract with one of their freelancers 2 months ago
Eladia Ankunding
Within a relatively short per...
Within a relatively short period of time Devpad Embedded Software Engineers matched my very specific and somewhat unusual project needs with an ideal freelance programmer at a very reasonable price
Lakia Cummings
Everyone I interacted with on...
Everyone I interacted with on, on the project managers to the developers were professional, passionate and knowledgeable
Inger Pagac
The experience was efficient ...
The experience was efficient and effective
Prince Champlin
I have never used a data scie...
I have never used a data scientist before and had a rudimentary understanding of the information I was trying to extract on the data I have
Jacqui Casper
the whole process worked perf...
the whole process worked perfectly!
Cheree Larkin
Great work ethic, talented an...
Great work ethic, talented and knowledgeable engineer, tremendously thorough, strong communications skills
Nicki Feest
Thank you, Devpad Embedded So...
Thank you, Devpad Embedded Software Engineers!!!
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