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Arturo McGlynn
What I would want to see in D...
What I would want to see in Devpad Fitbit is a time log, even for part-time developers which was not included in the service
Kris Kerluke
My organization's experience ...
My organization's experience on Devpad Fitbit has been outstanding
Lashunda Padberg
They continued to offer suppo...
They continued to offer support throughout the development process
Maira Jacobs
Having leveraged a number of ...
Having leveraged a number of talent companies for my agency, Devpad Fitbit has far and above exceeded both my expectations as well as their peers
Melonie Reichert
Super professional, you get w...
Super professional, you get what you pay for
Versie Reichert
Our relationship with the con...
Our relationship with the consultant we hired has far exceeded expectations
David Osinski
Client needs to set expectati...
Client needs to set expectations with freelancers before starting the engagement(and of course know how to work with Freelancers)
Demetrice Mertz
Excellent service on start to...
Excellent service on start to finish
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