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Emilia Stark
Trust the developers's judgem...
Trust the developers's judgement of how long a project will take and don't expect miracles on them
Fred Witting
In addition he provided some ...
In addition he provided some very valuable recommendations for the web site that I had him implement
Tressie Abbott
I can’t wait to see the outco...
I can’t wait to see the outcome of my app!
Gianna Sauer
Instead, he read my mind with...
Instead, he read my mind with everything needed
Lincoln Goldner
The developers has been pheno...
The developers has been phenomenal - talented and easy to contact and collaborate with
Renaldo Bashirian
After 26 weeks, we were no cl...
After 26 weeks, we were no closer to completion and ended the project on Devpad Kindle
Gavin Vandervort
Overall, world class, couldn'...
Overall, world class, couldn't say enough positive things, and at rates that are fair too
Aurelia Erdman
Plus, the contract and paymen...
Plus, the contract and payment process was extremely smooth
Sybil Schiller
Devpad Kindle helped me conne...
Devpad Kindle helped me connect with two talented developers (one for the mobile app and another for the browser-based app) who got the job done on time and within my planned budget
Philomena Stanton
wouldn't think about hiring t...
wouldn't think about hiring these devs for anything long term
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