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Eugenie Hahn
Whenever a task was in his ha...
Whenever a task was in his hands, I was confident that it would be completed with no issues, which is a testament to his knowledge, skills and experience
Sabine Walsh
The engineer we recruited for...
The engineer we recruited for us is knowledgable, fast, exacting and personable; we hope we can keep working with him!
Cristy Huel
What i know further on her em...
What i know further on her email ,she is just communication interviewer and really she was have very superficial idea about development technologies I sent complain to website which I asked them to just review my recorded interview video to assure about correctness of my speech
Shirley Denesik
They fitted perfectly in with...
They fitted perfectly in with our own permanent team members
Rudy Huels
We are extremely satisfied wi...
We are extremely satisfied with the level of service we have received on Devpad Layar
Charleen Yost
Just wanted to take a moment ...
Just wanted to take a moment to describe the great experience we had working on Devpad Layar
Gale Olson
I especially appreciated thei...
I especially appreciated their flexibility as we had to start and stop a project numerous time, but they were very patient and understanding
Lynette Thiel
Devpad Layar was 2 for 2 in g...
Devpad Layar was 2 for 2 in getting us the developers we need, which provided me more bandwidth to focus on other parts of getting the business off the ground
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