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Kari Ullrich
With no experience for websit...
With no experience for website and a small business to start i had good guidance trough the project and the good feeling of being able to do what i need by myself at the end of the work
Laquanda Murazik
David and Anna have been phen...
David and Anna have been phenomena, helping pair up great crew with our team
Eusebia Cremin
Devpad MailChimp was always s...
Devpad MailChimp was always super responsive in helping us find someone who was available ASAP and highly competent
Heath Ratke
For me, and my technology com...
For me, and my technology company, the quality of people brought by Devpad MailChimp has been outstanding, and the entire relationship has been a pleasure
Ha Conn
Hard to find people who are g...
Hard to find people who are great at what they do and just want to create quality work
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