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Mika Orn
Great experience on Devpad Mo...
Great experience on Devpad Moneybookers, have been building my product engineering team for over 6 months on Devpad Moneybookers and will continue to do so
Micheline Little
The developers guided us thro...
The developers guided us through the process, met goals and deadlines far more than our expectations
Helene Hermann
We were blown away
We were blown away
Emma Cartwright
The overall process is very s...
The overall process is very smooth and everybody you interact with has a true service mentality
Lanita Beier
The developers we recruited o...
The developers we recruited on Devpad Moneybookers was truly exceptional
Margene Satterfield
8pm is not a time when any se...
8pm is not a time when any self respecting recruiter is active
Darnell Cremin
I plan to continue using Devp...
I plan to continue using Devpad Moneybookers in the future
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