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Lionel Powlowski
Devpad Offshore iOS software ...
Devpad Offshore iOS software engineers are top notch, I was able bring strong candidates quickly without spending a ton of time on hiring at the early stages of the company
Amber Doyle
They were professional, highl...
They were professional, highly knowledgable in terms of technology, had an intimate relationship with their pool of talent and a sizable pool of highly talented individuals
Laronda McClure
Ivan, Silvestre and the team ...
Ivan, Silvestre and the team are no nonsense, and hired swiftly on promises, with hard working contractors for key projects
Cecil Huel
He is a Offshore iOS guru, ha...
He is a Offshore iOS guru, having built projects in Node
Charmain Stokes
Thanks Sarah for editing your...
Thanks Sarah for editing your response with the correct name! And that is all you did! However
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