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Shemika Schoen
In addition, Devpad PhoneGap'...
In addition, Devpad PhoneGap's systems allow for efficient meeting coordination, project scheduling, and bill payment
Stasia Mante
We often hire the first or se...
We often hire the first or second candidate we interview
Kirstin Gaylord
During the 26 weeks of the pr...
During the 26 weeks of the project we had several times that we would go days without being able to get in touch with him
Kellee Weimann
Furthermore, we're paying for...
Furthermore, we're paying for team members we can trust to perform on day one rather than waiting 2-3 months to get onboarded, trained, etc
Latrina Larkin
I highly, highly recommend hi...
I highly, highly recommend him to anyone
Hallie Monahan
They educated us immediately ...
They educated us immediately on their business model, listened to our needs, and brought us developers to interview
Dudley Collier
However, Devpad PhoneGap's re...
However, Devpad PhoneGap's review process was impeccable
Stephani Barton
Excellent engineer and good p...
Excellent engineer and good person
Gil Mante
When he saw a potential issue...
When he saw a potential issue with my ideas, he simply raised them and offered the insight I was lacking, and also worked towards the necessary solution
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