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Ronda Hahn
After a first false start, th...
After a first false start, the project was followed by a very well prepared full stack developers who did a great job daily providing useful advices, code and support
Tequila Willms
After getting in touch on Dev...
After getting in touch on Devpad Robotics Engineers about the project and being put in touch with their talent the project is progressing faster than we could have imagined
Tajuana Hettinger
Devpad Robotics Engineers has...
Devpad Robotics Engineers has been responsive to any questions, or concerns that I've had
Daisy Kertzmann
He showed me the forms and co...
He showed me the forms and coding that was done after the first week and it was awesome, it was all the latest and greatest
Brian Bashirian
Devpad Robotics Engineers sta...
Devpad Robotics Engineers staff have also worked with me to make sure everything goes smoothly, and have been very flexible in accommodating change requests for billing
Garnett Hilpert
The developers we hired to ki...
The developers we hired to kickstart our grass roots project was very professional and highly skilled
Cortney Zemlak
Melisa Jaskolski
Over the last decade, I've ta...
Over the last decade, I've taken part in the out-sourcing, in-sourcing, hiring, and firing of my last 4 companies, and thus, have experienced a wide variety of good and bad methods
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