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Carly Durgan
I was a skeptic, but once I h...
I was a skeptic, but once I had talked to a few of the candidates I caught on to the premise
Siobhan Lemke
Good luck with your projects!...
Good luck with your projects! Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions regarding the use of Devpad SageMaker
Milissa Tremblay
The Devpad SageMaker process ...
The Devpad SageMaker process was extremely efficient and organized making me feel in control
Nereida Mills
We are highly satisfied with ...
We are highly satisfied with all the deliverables and the communication with everyone involved and will definitely continue to work on Devpad SageMaker in the future
Angla Bruen
Got in touch on Devpad SageMa...
Got in touch on Devpad SageMaker this summer, because my co-recruiteder and I were running into technical challenges beyond our competence
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