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Elli Treutel
Smooth and Professional Proce...
Smooth and Professional ProcessI had a specific niche requirement and had few hopes of locating a suitable developers within the required timescale
Tawny Beatty
You can trust the potential h...
You can trust the potential hire knows what they're doing, since Devpad Security Engineers has a RIGOROUS vetting process that every dev must go through
Willodean McCullough
Hand holding in the beginning...
Hand holding in the beginning and finally a great working relationship with an A grade dev
Kittie Sporer
Both are very responsive and ...
Both are very responsive and professional
Karole Casper
Some freelancers don’t respon...
Some freelancers don’t respond during the agreed work timing which is annoying at times
Marx Haag
We used it to hire an Securit...
We used it to hire an Security Engineers developers and received very good candidates in the same timezone
Kirstin Wehner
Asked for a deposit before we...
Asked for a deposit before we could go ahead with anything
Kayce Stark
Great developers and devs, ex...
Great developers and devs, excellent service, and a fraction of the cost had I attempted to hire the same level of talent locally
Breanne Armstrong
we were able to land a really...
we were able to land a really responsible and capable coder on Devpad Security Engineers
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