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Verona Schoen
That discussion involved the ...
That discussion involved the terms and conditions, as well as how the service worked, inclusive of resolving issues with dissatisfaction
Lucie Spinka
Ten times better than the exp...
Ten times better than the experience I've had on traditional freelance sites
Young Corkery
We've been using 3 developers...
We've been using 3 developers on their crew for the last 3-4 weeks and the whole process has been seamless end-to-end
Christina Senger
Devpad Slack rocks and I'd re...
Devpad Slack rocks and I'd recommend them without hesitation
Ardelia Fadel
Devpad Slack helped me find a...
Devpad Slack helped me find a great dev for my platform
Krystina Greenholt
I'm currently developing a So...
I'm currently developing a Solar IPP in Africa and I needed an experienced Financial expert with such expertise to critique proposals and conduct financial modelling
Alessandra Murphy
I am delighted with their ser...
I am delighted with their service
Amberly Lind
Would definitely recommend
Would definitely recommend
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