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Samella Reilly
The developers I've been work...
The developers I've been working with is great, couldn't be happier
Un Abernathy
Devpad Snap seams to go a gre...
Devpad Snap seams to go a great job of screening talent so we don't have to
Fausto Hoeger
These folks were extremely he...
These folks were extremely helpful in guiding me through my current stage of business, and helping me define a better path than what I initially planned
Suzie Larson
The online system is great an...
The online system is great and minimises time wastage by scheduling, tracking and also managing payments
Ludivina Tillman
My experience on Devpad Snap ...
My experience on Devpad Snap as freelancer developers was really very bad, I applied on website for working as freelancer developers and they told me that I should have camera interview first
Ira Kuphal
Very professional, wonderful ...
Very professional, wonderful service, and connects you to incredible talent
Pearly Orn
Working directly with the dir...
Working directly with the director of engineer, our needs were identified quickly and a resource was recruited almost immediately
Mariko Pagac
Easy to work with, sensible p...
Easy to work with, sensible pricing packages, good experience with quality developers
Mariella Kiehn
I hired Devpad Snap for a sma...
I hired Devpad Snap for a smaller webdesign job and I am really satisfied about their service and the quality of the design hired
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