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Aleta Towne
We tried Devpad Snowflake, an...
We tried Devpad Snowflake, and ending up expanding our scope of work after completing our core features in a timely manner
Tawanna Mitchell
They can go by quickly if you...
They can go by quickly if you don't communicate with your talent
Shane Kub
We needed a Django developers...
We needed a Django developers to extend an internal web application, but had very poor experiences working with a local staffing agency
Gwen Wiegand
I have worked with programmer...
I have worked with programmers since 2008, and Devpad Snowflake has hired, by far, the most talented individual I have seen
Marlys Rippin
Each of these projects result...
Each of these projects resulted in success due to the high competency and high profile resources they can provide
Kia Leannon
The process of hiring a dev w...
The process of hiring a dev was much easier than I have experienced in the past
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