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Odette Mann
Great service and customer se...
Great service and customer service so far
Adrianne Quigley
This resource was very profes...
This resource was very professional, got up to speed quickly in a complex environment and was a key reason why our project was a success!
Isidro Hansen
Good flexible experience for ...
Good flexible experience for working with qualified tech talent
Olga Quitzon
The team at Devpad Splunk was...
The team at Devpad Splunk was very responsive and answered any/all questions as the came up throughout the entire process
Huey Schmitt
From the initial review proce...
From the initial review process, identifying the correct developers and especially the quality of work we have seen over the past 8 months
Imogene Langworth
Both are very responsive and ...
Both are very responsive and professional
Aurelia Reinger
What else would we want?
What else would we want?
Marvel Schiller
So Devpad Splunk's entire can...
So Devpad Splunk's entire candidate pool is the best of the best
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