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Mallie Mayer
Hiring process was straightfo...
Hiring process was straightforward, interface intuitive
Diana Roberts
I especially appreciated thei...
I especially appreciated their flexibility as we had to start and stop a project numerous time, but they were very patient and understanding
Jack Skiles
Ignore the canned company mar...
Ignore the canned company marketing response that will inevitably be appended below
Pearle Murazik
I don't know if it was luck o...
I don't know if it was luck or what but my experience was beyond "5 Stars
Malinda Heaney
Overall a good experience
Overall a good experience
Thomasena Johnston
Devpad Subversion (SVN) vets ...
Devpad Subversion (SVN) vets their candidates well, and accurately matches true skill sets to customer need
Hayden Schmitt
The challenge that I had was ...
The challenge that I had was that engaging developers is not an everyday occurrence - so it's the classic case of not knowing what you don't know
Quintin Rolfson
Devpad Subversion (SVN) liste...
Devpad Subversion (SVN) listened to our very specific and stringent requirements for a true senior developers and within days had hired the perfect canditate
Carmine Zboncak
I appreciate the consultation...
I appreciate the consultation process that ensures you are getting the right resources
Alla Koss
Having managed product teams ...
Having managed product teams in the past, the dev and engineers we hired are some of the most thoughtful, flexible and patient individuals I have ever worked with
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