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Aurore Stroman
I am a software developers wi...
I am a software developers with my own product line, and I needed contractors to help with new products & features
Loren Dibbert
If you’re a non-technical rec...
If you’re a non-technical recruiteder or work for a company that already has a growing team then ramp up your growth by hiring on Devpad Tableau
Laurel Okuneva
If this wasn't proof enough o...
If this wasn't proof enough of how good they are by the time you read this we are hiring a financial expert as part-time CFO
Ching O'Hara
He showed me the forms and co...
He showed me the forms and coding that was done after the first week and it was awesome, it was all the latest and greatest
Hayley Kreiger
Stan was able to jump right i...
Stan was able to jump right in, hit the ground running on day 1, and provide the level of Tableau expertise badly needed
Pearl Reynolds
Devpad Tableau procedures, an...
Devpad Tableau procedures, and agreements were easy and gave me a full sense of confidence, that they had my best interest in mind
Anthony O'Connell
the whole process worked perf...
the whole process worked perfectly!
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