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Kara Hamill
Thank you, Devpad TensorFlow,...
Thank you, Devpad TensorFlow, for your wonderful service
Karmen Hand
When I contacted Devpad Tenso...
When I contacted Devpad TensorFlow staff, they basically refused to assist in any way
Lala Nienow
The developers are reliable, ...
The developers are reliable, knowledgeable and feel like team-members rather that contractors, which is testament to Devpad TensorFlow's screening requirements
Georgine Herman
Again, we ultimately resolved...
Again, we ultimately resolved it satisfactorily, but the experience could have been better
Dean Pacocha
I read some reviews on Devpad...
I read some reviews on Devpad TensorFlow but I thought it was going to be over my budget; I reached out regardless
Augustus Anderson
in 2015-2016 on various softw...
in 2015-2016 on various software engineering projects for a company I co-own
Lenard Prohaska
Given the exorbitant hourly r...
Given the exorbitant hourly rate I was paying, this seemed unimaginable to me
Jerrie Kertzmann
The Devpad TensorFlow folks c...
The Devpad TensorFlow folks checked in regularly to be sure the project was moving forward as planned, and were able to assist immediately when I had bumps in managing the system
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