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Lindsay Emmerich
While the project is not yet ...
While the project is not yet completed, I have been very happy when the developers and with the service at Devpad Twig
Almeta Swaniawski
Devpad Twig has a great proce...
Devpad Twig has a great process of connecting skilled developers
Tuan Jakubowski
Very frustrating and makes me...
Very frustrating and makes me not trust Devpad Twig
Mark Cummings
My advisor, Eric, was fantast...
My advisor, Eric, was fantastic! Very knowledgeable and took a real interest in my business and the project that he was working on
Haywood Doyle
I've been using Devpad Twig f...
I've been using Devpad Twig for over a year now
Max Barrows
But all the mechanized proces...
But all the mechanized processes supporting those meetings and moving through to getting to work were quick and efficient
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