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Ema Johns
This was especially important...
This was especially important given that both developers were located outside the U
Tasia Christiansen
Laura and James have been ama...
Laura and James have been amazing points of contacts that have helped us through the start to finish process of how to navigate the Devpad Twitter Bootstrap Experience
Bonita Sipes
Beyond the complete failure t...
Beyond the complete failure to actually deliver a work product, there is a very disappointing tendency, in my opinion, on the part of the Devpad Twitter Bootstrap staff to blame the client
Marhta Kilback
As we find more budget, we wo...
As we find more budget, we would like to work on Devpad Twitter Bootstrap again
Natisha O'Reilly
While the project is not yet ...
While the project is not yet completed, I have been very happy when the developers and with the service at Devpad Twitter Bootstrap
Fatima Kuphal
Each person in the chain, on ...
Each person in the chain, on sales engineering, design leadership and, of course, the talented product dev I selected, has been great
Jin Towne
We received quality work, hir...
We received quality work, hired on time
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