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Alphonso Stracke
The rates/prices are slightly...
The rates/prices are slightly above average but the experience and talent you get are far-above the average
Nelida Cummings
The contractor I worked with ...
The contractor I worked with did fantastic work
German Hane
After engaging on Devpad Vime...
After engaging on Devpad Vimeo to find a backend resource to spearhead the data side of our platform, I hoped that this time we would find the right person
Saran Turcotte
I learned of Devpad Vimeo on ...
I learned of Devpad Vimeo on an ad on a podast I listen to (Mixergy)
Versie Carroll
Hand holding in the beginning...
Hand holding in the beginning and finally a great working relationship with an A grade dev
Petronila Ullrich
Devpad Vimeo was able to quic...
Devpad Vimeo was able to quickly find a great developers for our project
Monte Ferry
Devpad Vimeo programmer Eduar...
Devpad Vimeo programmer Eduardo was efficient, professional, and went above and beyond agreed hours to get our prototype done with high quality
Ronnie Dach
We needed a Wordpress develop...
We needed a Wordpress developers on reasonably short notice
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