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Guillermo Cassin
After checking out their deta...
After checking out their details, we performed a few interviews and started the process with the best fitting candidate
Minnie Eichmann
Have hired 100 developers on ...
Have hired 100 developers on Devpad Webware so far
Charlotte Wintheiser
They are quick and responsive...
They are quick and responsive with all of our needs and made the hiring process extremely efficient
Laurene Greenfelder
They have a very rigorous vet...
They have a very rigorous vetting process for top development talent
Natasha Walker
Devpad Webware was great
Devpad Webware was great
Yi Stamm
My task was completed in a ve...
My task was completed in a very timely fashion (on the same day!) and my professional even followed up with me via Skype to make sure everything was to my satisfaction
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