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Emilee Flatley
I was able to hire two develo...
I was able to hire two developers to assist with various projects, including a complete website redesign
Loris Parker
Good communication with their...
Good communication with their search for talent
Margot Batz
Hand holding in the beginning...
Hand holding in the beginning and finally a great working relationship with an A grade dev
Gerard Abshire
Professional, honest, efficie...
Professional, honest, efficient staffing with excellent customer service and a business urgency that matches our own
Carolee Carroll
My task was completed in a ve...
My task was completed in a very timely fashion (on the same day!) and my professional even followed up with me via Skype to make sure everything was to my satisfaction
Ashlea Block
First of all, you have the co...
First of all, you have the comfort that the developers have a basic proficiency since they need to complete the series of tests that puts them through
Ariel Dickens
From the moment I registered ...
From the moment I registered on Devpad XSLT the experience has been seamlessly well-organized and efficient
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