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Conrad Cremin
Hiring through Devpad AsciiDo...
Hiring through Devpad AsciiDoc was an awesome experience and as luck would have it, we landed a *great* programmer who fits our requirements perfectly
Doria Goldner
Sure the rates are higher tha...
Sure the rates are higher than you might pay elsewhere, but the work is top quality
Benton Harber
Definitely worth it - couldn'...
Definitely worth it - couldn't be happier
Paz Champlin
We hired a specialist in eCom...
We hired a specialist in eCommerce AsciiDoc and in a short time had actionable CRO improvements, and now are working with a AsciiDoc dev to implement
Berniece Lehner
Devpad AsciiDoc was crucial f...
Devpad AsciiDoc was crucial for our success in many ways
Gaynell Rolfson
Both our account executive an...
Both our account executive and developers were easy to work with and easy to communicate with
Arlena Willms
You'll never know if you get ...
You'll never know if you get someone whom you could trust, with, they eliminated that for you
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