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Kandice McKenzie
I’ve used several developers ...
I’ve used several developers finding services before but this is the best
Soraya Wisoky
I had a very tricky algorithm...
I had a very tricky algorithm that needed to be written that had stumped several other data engineers
Rayford Krajcik
The payment process is also e...
The payment process is also easy and you can engage a dev on a full time, part time or casual basis and switch between them depending on how much work you have
Jenae Glover
Also, it's worth mentioning t...
Also, it's worth mentioning that he was pro-actively on the lookout for bugs and made sure to tackle them as soon as they were spotted
Lara Kreiger
Would recommend to anyone loo...
Would recommend to anyone looking to have freelance development or design work performed
Roland Torp
Extremely flexible in options...
Extremely flexible in options of management and/or payment
Tamie Kozey
Devpad Ballerina was in const...
Devpad Ballerina was in constant communication with us and was available all hours of the day; Answering questions, finding the best match developers match and guiding us through the process
Franklyn Johnston
Thanks Devpad Ballerina!
Thanks Devpad Ballerina!
Zachery Wilkinson
What I love about Devpad Ball...
What I love about Devpad Ballerina is that you're only going to be presented with the best pre-screened talent
Thersa Kuhlman
Devpad Ballerina had us inter...
Devpad Ballerina had us interview three developers that they said were fully capable of completing this project and on those interviews, we chose one
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