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Madonna Oga
These guys are experienced he...
These guys are experienced headhunters and tech people, and they know how to match the right people with the right projects
Linda Leffler
The candidates are extremely ...
The candidates are extremely talented, communicate effectively and not a second of our time was wasted with unqualified submissions
Terri Welch
These people are clearly vetted
These people are clearly vetted
Tifany Wiza
Our relationship with the con...
Our relationship with the consultant we hired has far exceeded expectations
Noel Waelchi
We won't hesitate to use them...
We won't hesitate to use them again for either special projects or to help with spiked development needs
Retha Keeling
I would highly recommend Devp...
I would highly recommend Devpad Blade
Emely Heller
Had anyone told me that I can...
Had anyone told me that I can hire and work with talent as diverse and exceptional as Devpad Blade's, I would have told them they were lying
Johnetta Mills
Devpad Blade is great for qui...
Devpad Blade is great for quickly hiring talented folks
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