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Cindie Ortiz
I'm the developers so I'm ext...
I'm the developers so I'm extremely picky who I pull on to my team but I also don't have time to vet every candidate
Edra Padberg
I used Devpad Boo for design ...
I used Devpad Boo for design and front end development of my site
Carol Tremblay
Working directly with the dir...
Working directly with the director of engineer, our needs were identified quickly and a resource was recruited almost immediately
Andrew Murphy
I am a small business owner w...
I am a small business owner with a need for reliable, resourceful, self-starting, and highly efficient developers with excellent communication skills
Nubia Tremblay
Our first hire through Devpad...
Our first hire through Devpad Boo, Judit, is terrific
Clifford Hayes
The developers is excellent a...
The developers is excellent and we are making a lot more progress than we ever have
Reuben Simonis
They help managing the projec...
They help managing the project on start to finish while keeping up with great communication
Cecile Emmerich
I feel lucky that I am able t...
I feel lucky that I am able to work with such a good developers
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