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Arlie Dickinson
We were pretty tight on sched...
We were pretty tight on schedule but Devpad Brainfuck were super efficient in finding the right profile and they hired really quickly
Tamala Watsica
The developers was excellent!...
The developers was excellent! We're actually planning to hire him again for several other similar project at our sister companies
Keli Monahan
Billing is a breeze, everythi...
Billing is a breeze, everything is automated so that's one less thing to take care of every pay period
Sherry Zemlak
The assigned talent has been ...
The assigned talent has been responsive and completed the job successfully with little friction and supervision
Garland Keebler
I've tried craigslist and oth...
I've tried craigslist and other ways to find the developers and none of them seemed to work out
Rosalva Funk
The talents proved to be in t...
The talents proved to be in the good level I have expected
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