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Pat Parisian
He's been perfect! I will def...
He's been perfect! I will definitely be using Devpad Edje Data Collection again in the future
Tangela Jerde
(3) If you're not a super-tec...
(3) If you're not a super-techie, Devpad Edje Data Collection is helpful too in identifying your needs and finding the talent you need to get you where you need to be
Kiyoko Ondricka
Gertrudis Wehner
Devpad Edje Data Collection h...
Devpad Edje Data Collection has provided us with excellent devs and developers
Raul Dare
We have had such a positive e...
We have had such a positive experience that we recently hired on another Devpad Edje Data Collection engineer
Stephania Willms
Devpad Edje Data Collection q...
Devpad Edje Data Collection quickly recruited a software engineer who had the skills and interests that were necessary for successful project completion
Aurore Robel
He seemed fluent in all the t...
He seemed fluent in all the tools we use including Dropbox and Jira which made it really easy to integrate him into our development lifecycle
Lacie Balistreri
I have used Devpad Edje Data ...
I have used Devpad Edje Data Collection on several occasions for multiple companies
Leonarda Hackett
I had a very tricky algorithm...
I had a very tricky algorithm that needed to be written that had stumped several other data engineers
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