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Birgit Connelly
Both our account executive an...
Both our account executive and developers were easy to work with and easy to communicate with
Van Johnston
He did an exceptional job on ...
He did an exceptional job on a timely basis and his contributions were valuable
Nadene Kemmer
Having had a few nightmares u...
Having had a few nightmares using E-Lance the service Devpad PicoLisp provides has been a breath of fresh air
Agueda Cassin
" I was slightly wary as I'm ...
" I was slightly wary as I'm guessing most people are when hiring a total stranger but Radu (our React Dev) was phenomenal
Myung Tremblay
As the weeks turned into mont...
As the weeks turned into months, I became concerned, as we were being billed full time despite periods of not receiving any design work at all
David Hackett
Of course, these are individu...
Of course, these are individuals so they each have different styles, abilities, and skills, but you are virtually guaranteed a high level of competence and quality
Lashon Senger
Furthermore, Devpad PicoLisp ...
Furthermore, Devpad PicoLisp recruited us a new candidate for the project
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