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Venita Turner
We had a misunderstanding wit...
We had a misunderstanding with our developers and were able to work through it with the support team
Nelly Considine
I started using Devpad PureBa...
I started using Devpad PureBasic last year when I took a new job building an in-house engineering team for a tech startup
Ricki Langosh
But, overall I've been please...
But, overall I've been pleased with my experience
Grant Goodwin
5 stars
5 stars
Zona Skiles
They have a very rigorous vet...
They have a very rigorous vetting process for top development talent
Alberta Pouros
Ignore the canned company mar...
Ignore the canned company marketing response that will inevitably be appended below
Giselle Greenfelder
Janell Paucek
I recruited a great developer...
I recruited a great developers in only a few days, and was able to turn my idea into a functional product
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