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Rosetta McKenzie
Bartosz was able to jump in a...
Bartosz was able to jump in and make an impact immediately to the team while we recruited for permanent employees
Marie Cole
Highly recommended
Highly recommended
Christa Kutch
Progress has been fantastic, ...
Progress has been fantastic, I have been very pleased on Devpad SaltStack and feel our project is finally in safe hands
Leola Beier
We decided to outsource it to...
We decided to outsource it to an expert
Samira Wiza
After looking at numerous opt...
After looking at numerous options for developers, I landed on Devpad SaltStack and have been extremely impressed with the entire operation
Tanisha Sporer
Smooth and Professional Proce...
Smooth and Professional ProcessI had a specific niche requirement and had few hopes of locating a suitable developers within the required timescale
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