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Hipolito Gutkowski
Professional, honest, efficie...
Professional, honest, efficient staffing with excellent customer service and a business urgency that matches our own
Debbi Leffler
Great talents
Great talents
Kathlene Spencer
For my next project, I defini...
For my next project, I definitely will go on Devpad SourcePawn
Nadia McGlynn
Really positive experience in...
Really positive experience in locating the correct person that fits with our team and business needs
Joy Farrell
Their team is great to work w...
Their team is great to work with and we highly recommend them to anyone
Laila Klocko
The quality of the engineers ...
The quality of the engineers are top notch in both technical and soft skills compared to other contractors I have used in the past
Travis Larson
She's been great at following...
She's been great at following up with us and coordinating with Filipe and our Devpad SourcePawn resources
Raymon Dare
Devpad SourcePawn managed to ...
Devpad SourcePawn managed to match us with an incredible programmer in less than a week
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