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Cedric Botsford
The experience is definitely ...
The experience is definitely worth repeating
Lizette Prohaska
After getting in touch on Dev...
After getting in touch on Devpad Stata about the project and being put in touch with their talent the project is progressing faster than we could have imagined
Merrie Hintz
I will continue to both use a...
I will continue to both use and recommend Devpad Stata for anyone who needs the developers or dev!
Madelene Kovacek
Over the last 3 years, we've ...
Over the last 3 years, we've been through 9 software developers, and none of them we're as good as the devs we recruited through Devpad Stata
Yi O'Hara
We hit our launch date goal o...
We hit our launch date goal only because he joined, picked up the codebase, and hired
Natashia Ferry
They sourced a great develope...
They sourced a great developers for us and all went extremely well
Deborah Zieme
com, Freelancer
com, Freelancer
Marget Johns
Lastly, Devpad Stata has unco...
Lastly, Devpad Stata has uncomparable T&Cs in rolling resources on and off to fit your budget - no unnecessary long term committments
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