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Lela Conroy
Very effective search for can...
Very effective search for candidates and quick onboarding process
Abraham Reynolds
Very satisfied with the talen...
Very satisfied with the talent hired and their staff is very helpful at finding the right person for the job
Joni Thompson
Hard to find people who are g...
Hard to find people who are great at what they do and just want to create quality work
Sharmaine Jacobson
The candidates are extremely ...
The candidates are extremely talented, communicate effectively and not a second of our time was wasted with unqualified submissions
Terrence Raynor
He collaborated well with our...
He collaborated well with our DBA and even helped in that regard on occasion
Lavette Konopelski
Communication on Devpad Texti...
Communication on Devpad Textile itself was good and prompt
Hyo Cronin
To top it off, his work was a...
To top it off, his work was always high-quality and hired in a timely manner
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