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Darcel Hilll
The rates were a bit high for...
The rates were a bit high for us, but we realize that is due to us using a programmer based in the United States
Zetta Zulauf
Highly recommended
Highly recommended
Leigh Kuhic
Thoroughly a great decision t...
Thoroughly a great decision to go on Devpad Uno
Geraldine Wiza
Based on my excellent experie...
Based on my excellent experience on Devpad Uno I have already submitted an additional job and have more in the pipeline for the very near future
Deonna Beier
Devpad Uno connected me with ...
Devpad Uno connected me with the right guy after I gave them a description of the skill set I was looking for
Drema Mohr
Somewhat pessimistic that we ...
Somewhat pessimistic that we would find the right person for the job, we started on Devpad Unos' no-risk trial period
Sommer Franecki
They do great work
They do great work
Cassi Wilderman
I especially appreciated thei...
I especially appreciated their flexibility as we had to start and stop a project numerous time, but they were very patient and understanding
Blossom Spencer
Either party can walk away an...
Either party can walk away and the candidate and employer are guaranteed not to be out of pocket
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