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Brady Blanda
We are extremely impressed wi...
We are extremely impressed with the quality of talent Devpad X BitMap was able to provide
Paige Wyman
Though on discipline (respons...
Though on discipline (responsiveness, timelines etc) there can be some improvement on few freelancers I worked with
Kyong Zieme
Be prepared to make quick dec...
Be prepared to make quick decisions, because there are penalties if you do not respond fast enough
Naomi Corwin
Mimi and Filipe were excellen...
Mimi and Filipe were excellent to work with
Dorla Hegmann
The developers was recruited ...
The developers was recruited very quickly and I was really impressed with the communication between himself and Roman get the job done
Alejandrina Barton
We had a challenging project ...
We had a challenging project in front of us with specific required skills/experience
Katheleen Armstrong
Being paired with developers ...
Being paired with developers is quick and easy
Rona Fahey
From sign up, to selection, t...
From sign up, to selection, to billing, Devpad X BitMap has done a great job of mixing technology with touch to create a low friction experience
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